Start Fresh This Season in Lansing, MI

Start Fresh This Season in Lansing, MI

Hire lawn care specialists for spring yard cleanup service

Does your yard need a little help after the last snow or ice storm? CDM Property Maintenance is here for you. Our lawn care specialists will get your yard ready for spring by:
  • Cleaning out your gutters
  • Picking up rocks on your property
  • Cleaning up brush and debris
  • Removing damaged tree limbs and branches

When we’re through with your spring cleanup, your Lansing, Michigan property will look pristine and ready to receive visitors.

3 benefits of annual spring cleanups

A long, harsh winter can leave your yard looking worse for wear. Thankfully, you have CDM Property Maintenance by your side. We’ll clean up your yard after the snow and ice has melted. Hiring a professional lawn care service will:

  1. Save you time – Our professionals can get the job done quickly, whereas it may take you several weekends to complete a basic cleanup.
  2. Save you money – Many of the tools we use to clean up your yard aren’t the kinds of equipment you’re likely to own.
  3. Make your lawn look great – Spring cleaning sets your lawn up for success, so you can spend less time worrying about it during the summer months.

Reach out to the lawn care pros at CDM Property Maintenance to schedule a spring cleanup.